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"it is not known precisely where angels dwell - whether in the air, the void, or the plants. It has not been God's pleasure that we should be informed of their abode..." - Voltaire

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Keep Up on the Garden

Saturday September 24th Noon to 3 PM

11088 Trinity Blvd @ Mosier Valley Rd Ft Worth, TX 76118 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FREE BBQ BY MASSEY GATES AND FENCES -- Azle, TX (Donations Accepted) Crisis Response Ministry will open with prayer and furnish Comfort Dog Teams. Dr Edward Smith will be keynote speaker. Garden members will speak about family members lost before their time. We will have a 50/50 drawing. Winner gets half and garden gets half.

For more information call Larry 214-546-7507.


The Board of Directors has determined that the Garden cannot continue to operate with the monetary deficits it now faces. We are forced to re-instate the policy requiring dues to be paid. Effective immediately, dues of $5.00 a month/$60 a year will be re-instated. This is necessary due to the cost of running the Garden. Bills continue to add up - electricity, water, property taxes, web fees, costs of maintaining the garden (supplies to clean the garden, weed control, etc.). If you cannot afford the dues, an alternative is to volunteer your time and schedule to donate some time working in the Garden, i.e. cleaning up, etc. If you need this alternative, call one of the Board of Directors to work out arrangements.

Update Your Contact Information

Please update your contact information as we are planning to start a quarterly newsletter. We don't have current contact information on a lot of victims families. Signs have been placed at the Garden with information on who to contact to update your information. To update your information from this site - see the Contact Page for phone numbers, email addresses, or call Larry at 972.263.1201. You can also send the information to our office at: Our Garden of Angels, 2134 Goerte Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75051

Advisory Committee

Join our Advisory Committee at Our Garden of Angels. Be a part of the process and give us your ideas on how to improve the Garden. Pass your ideas to the Board of Directors so we can act on them. Join the Advisory Committee. You don't have to have a victim's cross at the Garden to be on the committee, but you do need to be on the Advisory Committee to be nominated to be on the Board of Directors. Call Larry at 972.263.1201.

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About the Garden

Our Garden of Angels was started originally at the place where the police discovered the body of Amy Robinson. I went to the place where Amy's body was found, and it was my thought that Amy should be remembered. It is due to the fact that I wanted her life to be remembered that I began the Garden of Angels.

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"You're At Peace In His Love"
written by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
In memory of Amy Robinson
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Garden of Angels
11088 Trinity Blvd @Mosier Valley Road
Euless, Texas

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Our Garden has grown and we now have the land across the street on the hill. We have a lot to develop on the new side - parking lot, sidewalks, fountain, trees and more. All donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone for all your support.

Our Garden of Angels
2134 Goerte Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75051

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